Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dating Story #2

“Two of my buddies and I took our girls out on a date and since I was so skinny, I got stuck in the back seat with the girls.  The car hit a bump and one of the girls spilled her pocketbook so I was reaching around in the dark helping her pick everything up.  I found her compact and her wallet and then I said, ‘Hey, Inez—when did you start smoking cigars?’ [This was a rare moment in my Dad’s storytelling when he suddenly realized that I was 7. Thus, I would not understand the faux pas he just committed was mistaking a 1950s era tampon for a cigar.  When you are this far into the story, however, you cannot stage a retreat.  Fancy footwork was required:] Well, you, well, she didn’t take too kindly to that and it’s not good to talk about woman things in front of, well, on a date and so that pretty much ended the evening…”

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