Friday, February 8, 2013

Dating Story #1

Probably the largest genre of stories in my Dad’s repertoire could be described as “Dating Stories.”  My Dad was quite the looker and had many girlfriends.  Being a good Lutheran Boy, he never went too far—that might seem like overshare but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about him.  Dating was dating and “necking” was alright but things never went “too far.”
He and my Mom got married in 1957 after a long engagement.  The difference in their religions caused some trouble; he was Lutheran and she was Catholic.  I would define that as a difference in denominations but I am obviously not attuned to what this issue meant to them.  That being said, all dating stories thus take place between 1941 (when he entered High School) and 1957. 

Now, which one to start with?  Let’s meet up with him after the war:
“When I got back from the Navy I was working as a short order cook at a root beer stand called Dog N’ Suds.  There was a good looking waitress there and she and I ended up going out on a date. When I walked her back to her apartment she said, ‘Gee, Jack—I’d invite you upstairs but my husband’s asleep.’ ZOOOOOOM! I never ran so fast in all my LIFE!”

I’m guessing the “ZOOOOM!” was dramatic license but the rest is probably true.

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